This project tells the story of the LRBW from the perspective of those who lived it and participated in the process, including the conditions that gave rise to the League and the changing conditions over five decades of social struggle that many have continued to be involved in. Books have been written about the LRBW, but few by League members. This project will document the voices of League members and lessons learned for today’s rising social movement.

We have hundreds of hours of footage gathered from weekend gatherings of former members in Detroit, as well as individual interviews filmed around the country.

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The project will use film and written companion pieces that will take several forms: DVDs, videos, a website, articles, pamphlets, and a book. The film aspect includes using existing material and doing interviews and creative filming of League members today. We will release short stand-alone videos on specific questions or aspects of League history and lessons. We will also combine the short pieces into one longer length film. All media produced by this project will be coordinated and owned by the newly established General Baker Institute.

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